Friday, January 30, 2015

A dollar more

I see where there is a movement afoot to convince the gullible Western consumer that paying a dollar more for a T-shirt made in Bangladesh will lift that Bangladeshi T-shirt maker out of poverty.

It won't.

What it will do is vastly enrich the labour brokers who are the biggest beneficiaries of the supply chain as it exists today.

A penny more would more than double the wage of a garment worker in Bangladesh. That is, if that penny ever made its way to the garment worker.

It won't.

And if the penny won't, the dollar won't either.

Instead, that dollar will be caught up in a supply chain that is dominated by white billionaires.

The "dollar more" campaign will serve to enrich the labour brokers and everyone else will continue to labour in penury.

The low-wage cheap-clothes model of sweat-shop clothing manufacture needs to be destroyed and then rebuilt from the ground up before the people at the bottom can make a living wage.

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