Sunday, January 25, 2015

These guys aren't fighting a war; they're posing for a photograph

Ukrainian servicemen fire their weapons during fighting with pro-Russian separatists in Pesky village, near Donetsk January 21, 2015. REUTERS-Oleksandr Klymenko

Reuters wants me to believe that these guys are fighting those dastardly pro-Russian separatists.

You know the ones... Putin's boys.

Ya, you've read all about them, the "little green men" and all that stuff. In fact, ever since the shoot-down of MH-317 we've had a non-stop stream of anti-Russian invective.

Yet not the slightest shred of anything that could even loosely be construed as "proof."

Today Poroshenko stood in front of the assembled multitude at Davos and claimed, once again, that thousands of Russian troops and hundreds of Russian tanks have invaded Ukraine... but not a single Ukrainian has managed to upload a single selfie in front of one of those troops or one of those tanks.

That's how we know Poroshenko is lying.

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