Friday, January 9, 2015

Canada to get tough new anti-terror laws

While Canada has never actually suffered a terrorist attack, new laws to help fight the non-existent scourge are a perennial favourite of both the Harper government and the nation's headline writers.

Given the infinitely malleable definition of "terror," every Canadian who cares about their freedom should be profoundly concerned by this passage from the story;

The Conservatives have been weighing new tools to deal with citizens who openly support terrorist 

attacks on Canadians or back groups that promote this goal, as well as additional powers or 

measures for police and agencies that monitor terrorist groups. The government has signalled it is 

also looking at lowering the threshold for preventive arrests.

Lower the threshold for preventative arrests? More powers for police and security agencies? Sounds to

me like Big Steve wants us to give up those freedoms that make the jihadis hate us in the first place, at 

least according to the official script!

In reality, they don't hate our freedoms at all, of course. No, the reasons for their irrational hate for the 

West has more to do with very mundane things like this:

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