Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Canada

Get a load of this;

That's Canada's top soldier, Chief of Defence Staff Lt. General Thomas J. Lawson, having a sit-down with Masrour Barzani, son of Masoud Barzani, the top dog in the imaginary state of Kurdistan.

(Barzani is the guy with the tea-towel on his noggin, in case you're wondering. Lawson is the guy seriously eyeing it because it would definitely make him look less bald.)

The fact that our top soldier only gets face time with the son of the Kurdish leader and not the leader himself should tell you something; not even the imaginary state of Kurdistan takes Canada all that seriously!

But there are other issues that our recent love affair with Kurdistan should bring to the fore. First of all, this father-son stuff should raise some eyebrows. Then again, maybe not... after all, you had Bush and Bush junior, and we might even get Trudeau junior right here in the great white north... so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree on that one.

Nevertheless, rampant nepotism is generally not the sign of a thriving liberal democracy...

Barzani Jr. apparently exhorted our Defence Chief to cough up lots and lots of guns and bombs so the fabled Peshmerga freedom fighters can keep killing whoever they're killing over there. The actual meeting itself was not revealed to the Canadian public by our government until the Kurds publicized it.


Well, I have a hunch that the Harper gang is not too keen on having the Canadian public take too close a look at our new besties in the Middle East. Kurdish culture doesn't actually have a lot in common with Canadian values. Google "female genital mutilation Kurdistan" and "polygamy Kurdistan" and you'll see what I mean.

By the way, our latest Middle East mission to help Iraq fight ISIS isn't about helping Iraq at all; it's about helping the imaginary state of Kurdistan.

Another by the way; did anybody else find Harper's remarks about our "evolving" mission, ie "we're gonna kill 'em," to be a little untoward? We haven't heard that kind of blustery bullshit since General Rick Hillier was on his way to Afghanistan to rid that land of the murdering Taliban scumbags.

We know how that turned out.

Anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say, and Harper's done a grand job of getting us in. We're not likely to cut and run until we do, which will be a few hundred billions and a few hundred dead Canadians down the road, when the entire exercise in stupidity becomes an election liability.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, we are yet again proclaiming Israel's right to defend itself by itself. (That "by itself" bit just started mysteriously showing up in Baird's pronouncements in the past year or so... I think it's code for "without consideration of international law.")

The "terrorist incident" in question is Hezbollah's retaliation for an Israeli attack on Hezbollah fighters in Syria a week or so ago. Did the Harper gang condemn that? Don't be ridiculous! Continuous violations of Syrian sovereignty, multiple genocidal wars on Gaza, ever-expanding illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land...
what would Israel have to do to draw a mild rebuke, nevermind a "condemnation," from the Harper gang?

The mind boggles...

The Banana Republic agenda continues on the home front as well. After forty years of falling crime rates, the Harper gang promises to get tough on crime once again in the upcoming session of parliament. Yup, there's always a few votes to be had by getting tougher on imaginary crime.

Crimes against the environment are a different matter though. Check out this headline; NAFTA probe of Alberta tailings ponds blocked by Canada. Ya, we're not gonna let those enviro-weenie tree-huggers in Washington and Mexico City push us around!

Kinda makes ya proud, don't it? By God, I think I have to vote for the guy in spite of everything...

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