Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo attack reveals al Qaeda has adopted Western-style commando tactics

According to reports from Paris, today's al Qaeda raid marks a radical departure in the terror group's methods.

Typically, one associates al Qaeda with suicide missions. Obviously, this was no such thing. Instead, today's attack was extremely well-rehearsed and professional in nature. This team of al Qaeda killers have obviously played on the same line for some time, if I may indulge a sports analogy.

This was the unveiling of an entirely new al Qaeda strategy. What does this portend for terror ops of the future? Has the day of the lone fanatic with a suicide vest passed into history?

Was this the work of European ISIS sympathizers who have been professionally trained and battle-hardened in the streets of Aleppo? If so, how many such teams are on the loose in the capitals of Europe?

Today we have witnessed a new stage in the evolution of terror...

Or could this be something else entirely?

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