Monday, January 12, 2015

RCMP bust third member of Ottawa terror cell

Here's all the proof you'll ever need, folks!

The RCMP Ottawa Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) arrested and charged Suliman Mohamed from Ottawa with offences under Section 83.18 of the Criminal Code for Participation in the activity of a terrorist group.

You can bet your bottom dollar, if you're looking at a kid with brown skin and "Mohamed's" the name, then terror is the game! That's from page 38 of the official "RCMP Operational Guide to Disrupting Terror Cells."

A couple of pages later it warns about the backwards ball-cap. "Hard-core jihadists are known to try to blend in by replacing their turbans with ball-caps, often worn beak-back in an attempt to blend in with hipping hopper culture."

I'm not making that up! Look it up for yourself!

So Mo was apparently in on the planning for one of those twins who got busted the other day planning to go to Syria to fight Assad. I'm not sure exactly how and when that became "terror." After all, Harper and Baird are on the record time and time again saying Assad gotta go... these lads were just trying to further official Canadian policy!

Obviously Big Steve and Little John and those three brown kids from Ottawa share the same goals. But only the brown kids get busted?

How fair is that?

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