Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Making up news out of nothing

I see where John Ivison, one of the few non-interns still writing copy at Postmedia, is in a flap because the project management contract for the Canadian Surface Combatant shipbuilding program has gone to Irving Shipbuilding.

Since the actual building of the ships on this shipbuilding contract was primarily awarded to Irving years ago, anybody with half a brain would realize that the only option for overall contract management was Irving.

So some lobbyists from no-hope outside contractors are now kicking up a fuss? How is this news? That's what lobbyists get paid to do!

There are many legitimate questions about the CSC shipbuilding contract. If all our navy is doing is drug interdiction for the DEA and imaginary terror suppression missions for NATO, do we really need this new fleet? The obvious answer to that is NO!

However, if our government is determined to upgrade the RCN, the ships have to be built in Canada, and the overall contract management can only be managed in Canada.

As the lead contractor, Irving is the only responsible choice for overall project management.

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