Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Third-world-style thuggery the new normal in Canada

I didn't even realize Canada had currency controls.

Maybe they only apply to A-rabs heading to the Middle East (and you can bet this dude wasn't heading to the "only democracy" in that benighted neighbourhood).

There must have been boners galore as the the proud men and women in CBSA uniforms salivated over the $38,000 they stole from some hapless schmuck trying to leave the country. When the various "terror" entities in the Middle East are lavishly funded by any number of terror-fightin' sovereign states to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, we can safely assume this paltry seizure in Calgary bears no relation to terror whatsoever.

Here's the high-minded boiler-plate the CBSA shills spew to justify stealing $38,000 from someone not even charged with a crime;

“The CBSA not only stops dangerous goods from entering Canada, but also prevents funds from leaving to potentially support illegal activities overseas,” said Nina Patel, district director of the CBSA’s prairie region, in a news release.

That doesn't mean it was insignificant to the guy they stole it from. Probably some Lebanese dude heading home with his life savings after washing dishes in Calgary restaurants for the last twenty years.

Now it's up to him to prove he's innocent. That noble concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is so last-century.

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