Thursday, January 22, 2015

King Abdullah dead! Watch the conspiracy theories fly!

Bandar Bush's fingerprints are all over this!

No, no... it was Mossad!

How about Mossad in a joint venture with Bandar? Maybe Bandar paid Mossad to do it?

Maybe his OPEC mates, not as keen as the Saudis vis that 300 billion haircut they're taking on cheap oil, helped things along?

Obviously the Iranians have a horse in this race too...

And let's not forget the CIA! Ya, that's it, the CIA working at the behest of their Seven Sisters paymasters...

Let's not be too hasty in ruling out home-grown made in Saudi Arabia conspiracies... everybody from the Wahhabi radicals to the League of Women Drivers to the Shia minority. Clearly, he didn't succeed in buying the hearts and minds of everyone.

Or maybe he just died.

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