Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome to the Terrorist Propaganda Clearing House

After a round-table brainstorming session that lasted well into the early hours, the think tankers here at Falling Downs have decided to go all in on Big Steve's Bill C-51 anti-terror legislation.

Hence, the Terrorist Propaganda Clearing House. If you are an aspiring terrorist or propagandist, just send us your propaganda at Terrorist Propaganda Clearing House, c/o Falling Downs, along with a cheque for $50, and our team of unpaid interns from the PolySci Dept at the University of Calgary will carefully vet your propaganda. They will check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before forwarding your entry to CSIS for official grading.

All entries will be eligible for one of the TERRORIST PROPAGANDA CLEARING HOUSE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZES! (Some conditions may apply.)

While the usual freedom-hating pinkos in the Canadian media are all over this legislation, this initiative is our way of supporting Mr. Harper's war on terrorists.

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