Monday, January 26, 2015


Canada's Foreign Minister is famous for his over-the-top toadying in front of the pro-settler regime in Tel Aviv. Here's a typical effort from a press release of 18 Jan;

“Canada and Israel share similar views on the world stage,” said Baird. “Canada strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself by itself and its right to live in peace with its neighbours. Canada will fight any efforts internationally to delegitimize the State of Israel, including the disturbing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.”

It's worth noting that his meeting with Israeli FM Lieberman was held in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv, a breach of protocol that passed entirely without comment in Canadian media.

Baird is also famous for his hysterical hectoring of Russia, ripping forth anti-Russian rants at the rate of about one a week. Here is his latest masterpiece from 24 Jan;

“Canada is outraged at today’s indiscriminate rocket attacks against the city of Mariupol by the Russian-backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine, leaving dozens of innocent civilians dead.
“These attacks come after the insurgents announced their intention to launch a new offensive, in flagrant violation of the Minsk ceasefire agreements reached in September.
“This disgraceful act further demonstrates Russia’s ongoing campaign of aggression against Ukraine and its shocking willingness to sacrifice civilian lives to achieve its illegitimate goals.
“We call on Russia to immediately respect the ceasefire, immediately end its support of these proxies and allow peace to return to eastern Ukraine.
“As Canada mourns the victims of the shameful attacks on Mariupol, we, in consultation with the Ukrainian government, our partners and our allies, are examining our options for enacting further measures to dissuade Russia from continuing along this destructive path. Canada also fully supports the Government of Ukraine’s call for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council.”
Note the accusatory tone and the wealth of undiplomatic language... "outraged"... "indiscriminate rocket attacks"... "flagrant violation"... "disgraceful"... "shocking"... "shameful"...
Remember, this is coming from our top diplomat!
Then today we find this press release on the website of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

26 Jan 2015
​With regard to negotiations with Iran, FM Liberman said that Israel's position is that no agreement is preferable to a bad agreement, and all options remain on the table.
(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Media Advisor)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman met today (Monday 26 January 2015) in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
At the meeting, the two foreign ministers discussed the continued strengthening of Israel-Russia bilateral relations and cooperation, and signed a memorandum of understanding between the foreign ministries of the two countries.

Ministers Liberman and Lavrov also discussed Middle Eastern events, with an emphasis on events in Syria and Lebanon. FM Liberman clarified Israel's position and red lines with regard to occurrences on the northern border.
With regard to Iran, FM Liberman said that we are closely monitoring the negotiations between world powers and Iran, and that Israel's position is that no agreement is preferable to a bad agreement. He added that Israel is keeping all options on the table.
FM Liberman also raised the issue of the Palestinian appeal to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, and stated that Russia, like other countries, should understand that these moves, aimed at turning the ICC into a political tool, are unjustified and may eventually cause them harm as well.
Ministers Liberman and Lavrov also discussed a host of bilateral issues, including the issue of pensions, visiting lecturers from both sides and other consular issues. With regard to the pension issue, FM Liberman said that it is especially important to resolve the matter now, as we are approaching the 70th anniversary of the victory over the Nazis.

How refreshing! 
No hectoring! No name-calling! The Russian and the Israeli Foreign Minister's can discuss matters on which they have profound differences of opinion, and still manage to sign a memorandum of understanding!
That's how the big boys do diplomacy, Mr. Baird!
And by the way, when your friend Mr. Yatsenyuk claimed the other day that the USSR invaded Germany in WWll, should that not have set off some alarm bells?
Yatsenyuk is a fabulist. Poroshenko is a serial liar bent on drawing any ally he can find into his squabble with the Kremlin, but all we ever hear from you is Russia bad, Ukraine good.
Mr. Baird, you're an embarrassment to your country!


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