Friday, January 2, 2015


Just say no!

No corporate pot in Canada or the US!

Or anywhere else, for that matter...

In case you haven't noticed, while we've been busy celebrating victories large and small, there is a move afoot to make legal pot just another profit centre for the usual douchebags who have already commodified everything else.

We don't need them in the world 'o weed.

The last 80+ years of pot prohibition have given rise to a culture of cannabis horticulturists who are well and truly qualified to provide quality weed to the public.

Hell, they've been doing it for 80+ years!

Those are the folks who should cash in when the legal system catches up with the real world.

Instead, governments everywhere are leaning to outlawing the traditional pot providers, in favour of brief-case toting suits with MBA's and law degrees!

What would Wally say?

What would Willy Nelson say?

What would Marc Emery say?

What would Peter Tosh say?

You know what they'd say;

"Just say no to corporate pot!"

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