Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hagel moots US ground invasion of Syria

The official storey is that he was only talking about a ground invasion of Iraq, but that doesn't pass the "two-second" test. If you think about it for two seconds or more it's obvious the man is confabulating when he limits his fantasies to Iraq.

The goal in Syria all along, since long before the nightmare began in 2011, has been regime change. We want a pliable stooge in the big chair, not a difficult stooge who clings to illusions of sovereignty and independence. That was the problem with Gadaffi and Hussein as well. They were ok being our boys, but they just couldn't let go of that other stuff.

So away they went!

And sooner or later, Assad is going the same way. The Beltway boys in charge of this operation are alright with the long game. The American public seems about ready to accept ground troops in Iraq; after all, they're already there.

Once US troops are again on the ground in the tens of thousands, they can't just chase the ISIS types to the border of Syria and wave them bye-bye. They'll be in hot pursuit all the way to Damascus, whereupon we'll be informed that... whoopsie, we just occupied Syria and we didn't even mean to!

Not a problem... US troops will stay awhile to stabilize the situation before leaving the mess for the locals to sort out, just like in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya...

By then the forces of freedom and democracy will be occupied elsewhere...

My money's on Nigeria!

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