Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brits taking for-profit justice to the next level

I'd always thought the bare-knuckle capitalists south of the border were the world leaders in profiting from the incarceration of the less fortunate. The visionary leadership of corporations like Wackenhut and CCA, combined with an all-out war on America's black underclass (more often known by its politically correct handle, "The War on Drugs") has made it socially acceptable to wring a profit from the confinement of others.

But it looks like the Brits are leading the way in taking this repugnant practice to the next level. Until this morning, I had no idea that Her Majesty's justice ministry has a "commercial arm!"

Who knew?

What better way to boost government revenues than by exporting the Ministry of Justice's expertise in the care and feeding of the delinquent?

Makes sense when you think about it. Instead of farming out inmate management to the private sector, make the Ministry itself a profit centre!

I'm just surprised the Americans didn't think of it first, what with their substantially greater experience in imprisoning vast swathes of their population!

And what better place to start than in Saudi Arabia. No pesky human-rights whinge-bags dogging your every step, because that lot is already locked up!

Sounds like easy money! Top marks to the Cameron crew on this one!

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