Tuesday, January 6, 2015

US anti-Putin campaign will fracture NATO

There are growing fissures in the very foundations of NATO, the Western alliance that has been floundering, lost and without a focus, since the fall of the USSR.

French President Francois Hollande declared yesterday that the anti-Russian sanctions need to end. Political rivals both to the left and to the right of Hollande have been saying that all along, and the more that the French economy suffers by being at the pointy end of a self-serving American policy of engineering regime change in Russia, the more Hollande will disengage from the NATO bandwagon.

In Germany, Frau Merkel is still talking the talk, but opinion polls reveal she is speaking for herself, not for her country. Her position is building a welcome unity between bosses and workers in Germany!

In Italy, a similar view prevails. That's three very senior EU economies and critical NATO nations that are getting tired of American jingoism.

Turkey, the only Muslim NATO member and a crucial ally of the US for both its Middle East and Russia-Ukraine ambitions, just agreed to a pipe-line deal with the evil Putin.

Absent those four critical member states, NATO would look like a very different animal indeed. As a military alliance that once made some sense, it has been desperately casting about for busy-work for the last twenty years. In the process, it has become little more than a handmaid to American hegemonic designs.

NATO is long overdue for the dustbin of history!

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