Thursday, January 1, 2015

Canadian-Ukrainians to be game-changers in next federal election

The interns at Postmedia just figured this out.

Regular readers here have been hearing about this for months.

Yes, sadly, there's been a sound logical reason behind all the otherwise incoherent blabber about Ukraine that we've heard from Harper and Baird over the past year or so.

The Harper gang is pretty hi-techy with their voter-tracking software. They know which Ukrainian-Canadians are going to vote Tory and which ones might be sitting on the fence.

The reason Ukraine is so much in the Canadian news is that the power-thinkers behind Harper's re-election campaign are targeting those fence-sitters.

If they can convince enough of those Uke fence-sitters to take a side, Harper's got this election in the bag!

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