Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Netanyahu takes election campaign to Washington

Ten days ago the Greatest Leader Since Moses wowed his people with a front-row front-page photo-op at that infamous rally for "free speech" in Paris.

He is about to one-up himself with a spot of political grand-standing in Washington!

And if that is in itself not enough of a coup, he has simultaneously managed an end-run around der Schwartze! The well-known antipathy between the White House and Netanyahu would not have helped Bibi had he arranged this trip via normal protocol. Instead, it would have opened him to accusations of appeasement.

Therefore, Netanyahu arranged an invitation through his acolytes in Congress, by-passing the White House entirely. On 11 February, a mere four weeks before the Israeli election, Netanyahu will be seen on every TV screen in Israel as the man who has the ear of the US Congress, at the invitation not of the President, but of John Boehner. Not only does this avoid the unpleasantness of having to appear deferential to Obama, it shows every voter in Israel that he has more schlep in Congress than the President himself!

An absolutely brilliant strategy!

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