Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union Poem, 2015

Mister Speaker

fifteen years into a new century

we turn the page

creating jobs at the fastest pace

unemployment lower

more kids graduating

free of the grip of

foreign oil

for the first time since 9/11

we salute the courage of

our men and women in uniform

humble humble humble

grit and hard work

the shadow of crisis has passed!

growing economy

booming economy

will we approach the world fearful?

or will we lead it wisely?

one way or the other

be assured we will lead

values at stake

meet the newlyweds

it doesn't get much better than that

it is amazing

America is a strong family

America is a strong family

America is a strong family

our country is growing stronger

eleven million new jobs

we can prepare our kids for a new world

more Americans finish high school than ever before

predatory lending practices

at every step

crush jobs

but our stock market has doubled

the verdict is clear

policies will work

when politics don't get in the way

we can't fix a broken system

wages are rising

but here's the thing

we will do more

than do no harm

let's grow the link between working hard

and Friday night pizza

millions of hard-working families

are eager to work harder

to pay more taxes

to follow their dreams

when everyone

shares and contributes

shares and contributes

middle class economics

middle class economics

thousands of dollars

in your pockets

child care is a priority

child care is a priority

my plan

my plan

43 million American workers

have no paid sick leave

I will give you sick leave

as long as you are only sick

for seven days

let's vote to give America's middle class minimum wage earners a living wage

higher minimum wage

higher minimum wage

the middle class lives on the minimum wage

too many bright Americans

cannot seize the American dream

free college

free college

understand you gotta earn it



free college

will be my legacy

be like CVS

and UPS

and let's get veterans

off the sidewalk

and into college

hire a veteran

our bedrock companies

know we want them

here in America

in America

let's set our sites higher than


21st century business

pay higher wages



give me power to stop China

we need trade deals

we need opportunities

21st century business

belongs in America

not China

we need American business

to come home from China

sunlight into liquid fuel

one-armed veterans

will play catch with their kids again

in America

in America

truth is

for far too long

we've let loopholes



make hard-working families make ends meet



in the new century

a safer more prosperous world

leverage our power with

a higher minimum wage

around the world

we stand united

with terrorists

we've learned some lessons

in Afghanistan and Iraq

and Syria

we are leading a broad


this effort will take time

lots of time

lots of time

let's make war on ISIS

to demonstrate our diplomacy

let's make war on Russia

to reassure our NATO allies

America rules

Russia is in tatters


hand of friendship

millions of hard-working Americans

can soon have a cheap holiday in Cuba

we halted Iran nukes

we prevented a nuclear Iran

all options are on the table though

just in case

American people


American people




if we don't act



are rolling back

future pandemics

we are making sure

other nations

play by our rules

and if you don't listen to me

there'll be rising oceans

and hunger

which is why

we've done less than nothing

to tun back the clock on global warming



our new torture will be restrained

we love Muslims and Jews

and Lesbians and the transgendered

as Americans we love justice

as everyone can see

we cherish civil liberties

as everyone can see

our abusers have

strengthened safeguards

against abuse




bedrock values

how ironic

too many people in this town

ride high on the hog

profit from the gravy train

over and over and over

I have mourned

with grieving parents

we are our brother's keeper

our sister's keeper

our neighbour's keeper

the world's keeper

we are always

looking over our shoulder

imagine if we did something


imagine if we were decent



for all our blind spots

we want to help our neighbours

we value the dignity

of every citizen

we are still more

we are

the United States of America

we are a family

a strong family

the exceptional family

God bless this country!

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