Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blaze a doobie, not a Uzi...

That's the last word on the subject from the pacifists here at Falling Downs.

In the tradition of Menno Simons, we're totally anti-war and anti-violence. You don't pick up your Uzi till the intruder poses an immediate threat.

Actually, Simons would have held off the trigger and just let the intruder take his stuff...

Which is better than taking a life.

Besides, if you don't own anything worth stealing, the chances of an intruder posing an immediate threat are slim indeed.

That's why we're a little puzzled by our government's enthusiasm for nabbing wannabe jihadists who are heading off to fight Assad. They got three guys in Ottawa this past week on exactly that charge.

Now, had we permitted their Syrian adventure, this story foretells their likely fate. Six Canadian jihadis dead in the last couple of months. In Syria.

That beats the hell outta arresting them at the airport on their way to glory, which just means they'll be clogging up the court system at vast public expense, indefinitely!

Those young idealists, if they wanna go to Syria to fight Assad, let 'em go!

Besides, they're just heading off to do their small part to complete the Harper-Baird mission of seeing Assad out the door. Why are we stopping them?

And also, (and we're in double-bonus territory here), once they're killed over there, we don't have to worry about them coming home and causing havoc here.

That's what's known as a "win-win," my friends!

The only bigger win would be if those guys would just forget the glory and focus on the doobie in the first place...

That would save a lot of folks a lot of grief!

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