Friday, January 9, 2015

Jihadi Steve declares war on radical Islam

Big Steve opened his trap yesterday, and sure enough, stupid shit came out.

Steve was thinking aloud about what kind of monsters could possibly carry out the cold-blooded murder of a bunch of harmless cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. Seems those international baddies have declared war on us, in fact, on all countries and people that don't think and act as they want us to; people like ourselves who value freedom, openness, and tolerance.

Yup, when you hear PM Harper tell the tale, the Nations of Virtue were just sitting around, being virtuous, when, out of the blue, a bunch of bloodthirsty towel-heads took a dislike to us!

To be honest, Steve, it seems to me that those folks would be more than happy to mind their own business, it we would just leave them alone. I don't recall any Islamic nation ever bombing Canada, yet we were beyond proud to be raining down bombs on Libya... oh, sorry! Those weren't bombs, they were "projectiles of democracy!"

Of course we were not acting alone; we were joined by a number of other NATO states, none of which was remotely threatened by Gadaffi either.

There are of course other outrages etched in the collective memories of those evil-doers who have the big hate on for our freedoms. Long before NATO destroyed Libya, we destroyed Iraq, which act, incidentally, birthed al Qaeda, and our lengthy run in Afghanistan has set that country back several generations, and we are currently working our magic in Syria and Iraq again!

So I don't know where you get the idea that those people aren't pissed off for good reasons, Steve. And you know what? I think if you or your brother or father or son was one of the folks in this picture, you'd be pissed off too!

They hate us for a lot more than our freedom.

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