Sunday, April 28, 2013

Alberta's tough but heart-broken Deputy Premier channels Thatcher in showdown with prison guards

He's a hard core law-and-order guy, Thomas Lukaszak is, and if there's one thing that bothers that crowd it's unionized workers getting all uppity and sniveling about "working conditions."

Alberta's prison guards have been on strike since Friday, after a couple of their members were suspended for having the gall to complain about unsafe working conditions.

Lukaszak is doing his best with the divide and conquer tactics favored by union-busters everywhere. Union "intimidation" is what's keeping the workers out, not any legitimate concerns about their safety.

And notice the crocodile tears shed for the "heartbreaking" news that inmates might be doing damage to the new half billion dollar Edmonton Remand Centre.

There is much to break one's heart when contemplating the state of Canada's justice system; the preponderance of native Canadians in the system, the lack of adequate mental health care for Ashley Smith and the thousands like her, the fact that a substantial percentage of inmates are there for victimless "crimes" involving the growing and distribution of  marijuana...

But the Deputy Premier's heart is broken at the prospect of inmates damaging a jail.

Probably tells you more about his heart than anything else.

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