Thursday, April 25, 2013

UN Security Council votes to get France out of Mali Mistake

Hollande the Conqueror is getting a free pass out of his Mali misadventure. No spurs, no conquering; just a huge sigh of relief.

The Security Council voted today to send a UN "peacekeeper" force into the country. This allows the French forces to save face after a five months long farce that saw them liberating the same northern Mali towns again and again.

Estimated cost of the 12,000 strong UN mission is $800 million per year, which is equivalent to almost 10% of Mali's GDP.

Funny how we in the Nations of Virtue can find the money for a peace-keeping mission in a country where there is no peace to keep, even as economies across the West are floundering.

The various Islamist and Tuareg militias in the region are keen enough to do the job. They know the neighborhood, they're already on the ground in Mali, and it wouldn't cost us a cent...

Unless of course those locals couldn't be counted on to keep the Western-owned cotton plantations and gold mines happily sending their profits to their overseas owners.

In which case we should clarify why we are sending "peacekeepers" to Mali. They are there not to keep the peace, but to keep our profits safe.

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