Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hey kids! Tired of dealing dope? Try gun-trafficking instead!

In the finest tradition of yellow journalism the Toronto Star has been extra busy informing tens of thousands of gangstas and wannabees just how easy it is to buy a gun in the US and smuggle it into Canada.

Starstruck with the future prospect of journalism awards (best investigative series of 2013?), the writers and editors reveal the lucrative secrets of the underground gun pipeline. Time and again we are told that a handgun bought for $150 in Florida or Alabama will fetch ten times that amount on the streets of Toronto.

If any would-be entrepreneurs on those Toronto streets hadn't thought of entering the gun trade before, they're probably on their way to Florida today. Who needs to peddle drugs when gun trafficking is so easy and so much more lucrative?

Thank you Toronto Star!

That's the paper Hemingway once wrote for, in case you don't know!

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