Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Justin Trudeau and the "root causes of terrorism"

Mere days after being elected leader of Canada's floundering Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau found himself in plenty of hot water with his insinuation that terrorism might be caused by something.

Trudeau was lambasted from left and right for his untoward ruminations.

Op-eds in the major dailies have ripped him for his foolishness.

Nothing, but nothing, can justify acts of terror.

We simply cannot permit anyone to excuse acts of terror.

Suggesting that there may be "something" that "causes" terror is absolutely unacceptable.

Hypothesizing a connection between cause and effect has become a forbidden trope.

Here's Jeffrey Simpson in The Globe and Mail;  "(Trudeau's) comments are maladroit and troubling..."

And at the MIT memorial today for the campus cop shot by the Boston bombers, VP Biden disavowed any hint of a "cause" for terror; the alleged perpetrators were simply "twisted, perverted, and cowardly."

Biden might be right. And this might be what twists and perverts them.

Drone strikes provoke "intense anger and growing hatred of America."

And we thought they just hated us for our freedoms...

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