Friday, April 26, 2013

The curious case of Canada's Sri Lanka human rights crusade

I always thought the Tamils and the Palestinians had a lot in common.

The big dogs in Likud think so too. That's why Israel has always been comfortable backing the government of Sri Lanka in its battle with Tamil separatists.

So you would automatically assume that Israel and her very best friend in the world would be on the same page vis-a-vis the Tamil-Sri Lanka dispute.

You'd be wrong.

FM Baird has been so extraordinarily strident in his denunciations of Sri Lanka that he has found himself in the foreign press; a rarity for Canada's lightweight Foreign Minister.

There would seem to be a massive contradiction between how the Harper government sees the Tamil struggle as compared to the Palestinian struggle.

What could possibly account for that?

Might it be the tens of thousands of Tamils living in key Toronto ridings, ridings that are critical to Harper's re-election?

Just wondering.

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