Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nigerian scammers now working from Spain

Now that Spain's standard of living has plummeted to Nigerian levels, we shouldn't be surprised that the 419 crowd has upped sticks and headed north.

Got a letter from Jaime Navarro today. Seems he represents the estate of a chap who died tragically in a Barcelona car crash back in '07, leaving neither a will nor any inheritors. He did however leave US $ 8,600,000.00 in a bank account.

As luck would have it, said chappie shares my last name, and Mr. Navarro, eager to clean up this pesky file, has proposed that he and I connive to split the proceeds, with a thoughtful 10% taken off the top to be "shared among the Less Privilege."

I think I'll pass, but in case any readers want to pursue this and help Mr. Navarro out, here is his information:

Jaime Navarro, Barrister & Solicitor
Av/Reino de Valencia, 8,111-46005- Valencia
Tel. 01134-60-312-5674
Fax. 011349-3550-4095

Tell him I sent you.

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