Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Battle lines drawn over multi-million Mandela estate before the poor bastard is even gone!

One of the little details that the Thatcher hagiographers downplay is her virulent opposition to Nelson Mandela and everything he stood for.

As far as the Iron Lady was concerned, Nelson Mandela was a communist and a terrorist.


End of story.

This unseemly tale out of South Africa would have had Maggie high-fiving her minders.

And it is an unseemly tale. I am surprised that the left-tilting Guardian would frame this story as being about Nelson Mandela. The story is about some of his offspring, who capitalized on their father's famous name, using the courts to grab whatever advantage they can against perceived business threats.

It's not about Mandela at all.

But apparently the temptation to slander the iconic freedom fighter who spent most of his adult life in prison for his opposition to apartheid was too much even for The Guardian.

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