Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free world on edge as N Korea moves missiles in and out of shed

There it is, ten paragraphs from the bottom; "...the North has been repeatedly moving its missiles in and out of a shed, which needs close monitoring."

It is unclear whether the missiles being moved in and out of a shed are the same two missiles that were moved to the east coast of the country a week or two ago. There have been conflicting media reports that the North may possess as many as five medium range missiles, which, given a good tail-wind, could conceivably get partway to Japan.

It is not known if this is the same shed that houses the North's nuclear program, which has enjoyed some successful press releases but not very much success in actual nuclear technology.

An anonymous official at the Pentagon has reported that the US is closely monitoring the shed in question from the USS George Washington nuclear equipped carrier group currently in the South China Sea, as well as from several nuclear submarines patrolling off the coast of North Korea.

"The North has pretty much exhausted the patience of the Free World," the Pentagon official declared. "They move those missiles in and out of that shed a couple more times, they're toast!"

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