Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why protesters target Canadian mining companies; they're stupid

Who in their right mind would even think about objecting to a Canadian mining company coming to their neighborhood and destroying the local eco-system in return for creating a few temporary jobs?

Apparently folks in at least ten countries are doing exactly that. How is such a thing even possible? Haven't those people heard that Canadian mining conglomerates are so overweeningly generous in the blessings they bestow on their hosts that they have been made the official bearers of Canadian foreign aid?

Yes, the Fantino-Harper brain trust recently decreed that henceforth Canadian taxpayers will only fund foreign aid that is piggy-backed on the foreign operations of the mining sector. This is a sly way of of subsidizing the mining sector and calling it "foreign aid."

That's bound to make the locals suspicious, especially if they catch wind of stories such as the billion dollar tax-payer funded cleanup of the Giant Mine in Canada's north. The inescapable conclusion for folks in Colombia or Peru or Panama can only be; if those Canadians are willing to foul their own nest to get at the gold, what kind of a mess are they going to leave here?

That's the kind of stigma the good folks at Eco Oro are facing at their operation in Colombia. In spite of every reassurance from the Canadians, the misguided locals continue to protest the mine, leading a company spokesperson to exclaim, " We believe the people marching must take action to educate themselves..."

I think they already have!

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