Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Five worst mass murders in modern Canadian history; no Muslims involved

1. Flight 182. An Air India plane is blown up over Ireland, but this is considered a Canadian event because 268 of 329 victims were Canadian citizens. No Muslims involved.

2. Marc Lepine killed 14 women in the Montreal massacre. No Muslims involved.

3. Shell Lake massacre. Disturbed white non-Muslim kills 9 people in Saskatchewan in 1967. No Muslims involved.

4. Giant Mine bombing, 1992. Disgruntled locked-out worker kills 9 replacement workers in bomb attack. No Muslims involved.

5. Shedden massacre, 2006. White bikers kill 8 other white bikers. No Muslims involved.

I bring this up because the Canadian media are descending into an episode of hand-wringing and fear-mongering over the fact that a couple of Canadians were party to a jihadist operation in Algeria. The usual bunch of idiots in Ottawa are already working overtime to make this a "we-gotta-keep-extra-vigilant-about-our-Muslim-neighbours" issue.


The record would seem to show that you might want to keep an eye on those white guys.

Unless you're Sikh, in which case you might want to keep an eye on them.

As for the Muslims, they seem pretty harmless.

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