Monday, April 8, 2013

Karmic justice; Thatcher dead, Scargill lives!

Margaret Thatcher did for Britain what Reagan did for America; these bullying cowards appealled to the base instincts of their respective peoples and with a combination of baloney, bafflegab, and bullshit gained for themselves immense personal popularity whilst simultaeneously steering their countries down the road of neoliberal enslavement.

When David Cameron intones today that Ms. Thatcher "saved" Britain he is correct. She saved the monarchy and the aristocracy, for without her resucitation of the empire delusion that entire lot would have been run out of town long before today.

In fact, had she been stopped before the Falklands "victory" got the juice of jingoistic pride overflowing, the long night of "new" Labour and the catastophic turn of British foreign policy under Blair might have been avoided.

But who knows?.. things might have been worse...

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