Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Madonna is not the only western witch with a hex on Malawi

It's the other one that Joyce Banda should be worried about.

Banda drew great accolades for her recent diss of the globe-trotting do-gooder Madonna. If only she had the courage to be so forthright with that other witch from the west, IMF boss Christine Lagarde. Instead, Banda has obligingly "opened up" to IMF blandishments on the ever-popular "structural adjustments" universally demanded of the poor nations by the rich nations.

Banda's major achievement as leader, economistically speaking, has been a devaluation of the Malwian currency. That may have pleased the overlords at the IMF, but has displeased the vast majority of the populace, who have seen their cost of living rise by over 20%.

That's why the public spat with Madonna was such an image boost for Banda. She is a strong African leader who won't be talked down to by rich white celebrities.

But she is quite content to take her marching orders from the rich white bankers at the IMF.

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