Wednesday, April 17, 2013

US taxpayers to fork over another $400 million for Israel's imaginary missile defence system

There's nothing wrong with Iron Dome.

It works.

So the news that America is slipping her bestie in the ME another 400 mil for more Iron Dome batteries  isn't that big a deal.

After all, our besties are the only sort-of democracy in the Middle East.

And if you're not prepared to squander hundreds of millions on that sort-of fact, what the hell else would you squander that money on?


Health care?


Let's get serious...

But I digress. Back to Iron Dome.

Iron Dome does indeed work. The five operational batteries en situ today will have an 80-90% success rate in knocking incoming missiles out of the sky... for about the first five minutes of a serious conflagration with, oh, just for the sake of debate, Iran.

Then Iron Dome will have exhausted it's supply of ready-to-fire anti-missile missiles.

The $400 millions promised by the Americans today will extend that five minute protection umbrella by a couple of minutes at the most.

Is there a serious person anywhere who thinks there will not be more missiles incoming after seven or eight minutes? Or hours? Or days?

That's why Iron Dome is and always has been bullshit. It provides a false sense of security and enriches certain military contractors.

In the long run the only security is making peace with the neighbors.

If only the Americans were willing to subsidize that.

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