Monday, April 15, 2013

Hagel robs drone pilots of hero medal

You're a nineteen year old kid sitting in an air-conditioned trailer in the Nevada desert. You watch the screen for hours and hours and hours.

Finally you click a mouse, and on the other side of the world a bad guy gets splattered to his reward. Or maybe a bad guy and his family. Or maybe just his family if the bad guy wasn't home. Or just some innocent family if the intelligence chain made a mistake.

Whatever. But you've risked eye-strain and headaches doing your part to keep freedom and democracy free and democratic.

Not too long ago the Pentagon was getting ready to recognize your sacrifices with the Distinguished Warfare Medal.

Then the pinkos and the commies and the liberals and America-haters of all stripes started up a hate-fest against the bold X-Box Special Ops who were risking so much.

And today Chuck Hagel revealed his true colors by caving in to the America-haters and cancelling the Distinguished Warfare Medal.


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