Thursday, April 4, 2013

Canada FM Baird ramps up anti-Iran rhetoric on Middle East tour-de-farce

A plethora of human rights groups claim that the Bahrain government used excessive force and torture to subdue anti-regime protests over the past two years.

But that doesn't bother John Baird, because Bahrain authorities (i.e. the folks using excessive force, torture, etc.) have assured him they will use proper procedures next time.

Baird even offered Canadian assistance in getting the excessive force and torture done to internationally accepted standards.

Then Baird spoke the obvious. Everything that's gone wrong in the Middle East is the fault of Iran.

Of course it is.

It was Iran that goaded the US into the invasion of Iraq.

It's Iran that keeps those uppity Palestinians stirred up.

It's Iran that prevents the democratic jihadists from toppling the despot Assad.

And lest we forget; those wily towel-heads are just months away from a nuclear weapon.

Has Baird made any public statements on this trip that are not official Likud talking points?

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