Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tip your cap for the passing of a REAL Iron Lady

Rita MacNeil passed away yesterday.

Born during the last great war in one of the poorest corners of Canada, Rita was up against it from the beginning.

She overcame enormous odds to make it to the big leagues of the entertainment biz. Never got to see her live, although I did try once.

Back in the day Ontario Place used to put on concerts that were included in the admission price. I took my dear children, who were maybe five and eight years old at the time, for an afternoon at OP, thinking we'd have a great day at the park and then settle in for the MacNeil concert at the Ontario Place Forum at eight o'clock.

By six o'clock my darlings were exhausted and crabby, and getting crabbier by the minute. Even though they'd had a great afternoon, they were done for the day.

I had to choose between my children and Rita MacNeil.

I'm still hoping Rita would understand.

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