Monday, April 22, 2013

Mounties bust major al-Qaeda conspiracy in Canada!

Have to say I tried to keep an open mind on this story.

Yes, maybe for the first time the RCMP and CSIS have uncovered a Canadian terror plot that didn't originate with the RCMP or CSIS.

Maybe we've got a REAL terror plot here, one that doesn't involve sketchy informants being paid millions of dollars to coax the "terrorists" along, as was the case with the Toronto 18.

Maybe this is the real deal?

Then I ran headlong into this; "the suspects were getting guidance and direction from al Qaeda elements in Iran."

Al-Qaeda elements in Iran? The only al-Qaeda elements in Iran are locked in secret prisons having their fingernails plucked with pliers.

Al-Qaeda is a Saudi franchise, not an Iranian one.

This doesn't pass the sniff test from a hundred miles.

It does however neatly fold into the Harper gang's agenda of demonizing  Iran.

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