Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canada FM Baird condemns Richard Falk for suggesting terrorism has causes

Here's Baird's press release;

Falk’s Comments Cast Shame on United Nations

April 24, 2013 - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement:
“Once again, United Nations official Richard Falk has spewed more mean-spirited, anti-Semitic rhetoric, this time blaming the attacks in Boston on President [Barack] Obama and the State of Israel.
“There is a dangerous pattern to Mr. Falk’s anti-Western and anti-Semitic comments. The United Nations should be ashamed to even be associated with such an individual.
“I respectfully call on the United Nations Human Rights Council—again—to remove Mr. Falk from his position immediately.
“Mr. Falk’s consistently mean-spirited comments cast a dark shadow over the United Nations and what it can accomplish. Comments like these do a great disservice to the fundamental values of the United Nations and to all freedom-loving people.”
It is apparently mean-spirited, anti-Western, and anti-Semitic to suggest that terror attacks against Western interests might be caused by something other than the Towelheads doing up their hats too tight.
Frankly, the article that gave such offence to all freedom-loving people and caused this outburst on Baird's part, "Collective self-reflection in the wake of a national tragedy," strikes me as a very modest critique of US foreign policy in the Middle East.
It's worth noting that five days passed between the appearance of Falk's article and Baird's vitriolic denunciation thereof. As always, Baird needs to wait and see which way the winds are blowing before he takes a stand.

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