Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lara Logan and 60 Minutes team up with AFRICOM for thrilling Kony episode

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the claim that the Lord's Resistance Army represents a significant "emerging threat" to the US.


Luckily they dropped that bombshell in the first few seconds, so at least you know you're in Bullshit City right away. Nothing worse than thinking you're watching objective news programming for half an hour before you figure out you're being had.

The Ugandan Special Ops are, according to the program, close enough to Kony that they can track him and his few dozen remaining acolytes by their fresh footprints.

If these guys are a threat to the US, America is well beyond any hope.

But we do need to throw a bit of a scary story out there in prime time just to get the idiot public onside for the rapidly expanding role of AFRICOM in the re-liberation of the dark continent.

Frankly, I thought that from the point of view of aesthetics, Lara's prominent bosoms provided a great visual counterpoint to those folks missing their ears and lips.

And of course there was not a word about the dismal human rights record of our friend and ally President Museveni.

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