Saturday, April 6, 2013

'Shadow state' or New World Order?

I think a lot of the hype about the supposed New World Order is just that; overblown hype.

Elites have always run things. That's why they're called elites. In cases where an extant elite of long standing has been pushed into the dumpster of history, as in Russia circa 1917-18, a new elite rises virtually overnight. To Boris Borscht-breath at the tractor factory things looked pretty much the same the day after the revolution as the day before.

Be that as it may, here's a fascinating look into what's happening in the Eurozone right now. The fact that the article originates in the lair of the Euro-bullies just gives it extra gravitas.

Needless to say, one of the hallmarks of today's global elite is that they hail predominantly from the finance sector of the economy. Perhaps that accounts for their save-the-banks obsession. In days gone by banks were allowed to fail with some regularity. In the US alone some 9,000 banks failed during the depression.

If we view the "New European Order" as a trial run for the "New World Order" there are some heart-warming lessons to be taken away.

In the first place, it doesn't work. This should come as no surprise. While the loudest voices and highest profiles within the global elite may come from the rock-stars of finance capital, the day to day running of the machinery of governance falls to the bureaucratic class of planners, policy analysts, economists, and credential-accumulators of all stripes.

For the most part, these are folks who couldn't organize a two-car train.

As Herr Doktor Friedrich Sell points out, the European Central Bank is not a bank, but a political instrument to be used for political ends by politicians.

And reading between the lines, what both he and Thomas Mayer seem to acknowledge is this; in the event that the austerity being imposed by the stronger onto the weaker within Europe fails, there is always a plan B.

Plan B means everybody gets to loosen their belts because they'll be eating again. But, Oh My God, there will be inflation!

That could be the ruin of the finance capitalists... and the salvation of everyone else!

Let's not lose sight of the fact that well below the radar of the world's headline writers is a world far removed from the too-big-to-fail Rumpelstiltskin economy that is the focus of their obsessions. A world where real people make real things and do real stuff that other folks will pay for.

Let the Eurozone fail.

Let the big banks fail.

Let's jam sticks into the spokes of shadow states and world orders old and new.

Life will go on.

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