Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bill Ackman's "vision" for CP Rail already fraying around the edges

Not that Ackman ever had a vision for CP that went beyond making a quick buck.

Business media were over-the-top today in praise of the quick turnaround Ackman has engineered at the railway.  Hunter "Hitman" Harrison, the Ackman installation as Chief Engineer, was busy bragging that  things were going so swimmingly that pink-slips might go to 6,000 from an initially projected 4,000.

Alas, late in the day the Montreal Gazette dropped this stinker into the celebratory punch bowl. Seems the outfit that runs Montreal area commuter trains has a few issues. They can't get their trains to the station in time with any consistency because of the newer leaner CPR's "...poor track-maintenance planning, switching errors, and communication problems. Strained relations between CP and its employees are another big part of the problem..."

Well whadya know... maybe you can't run a railroad without people after all?

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