Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh-oh... now you're REALLY f@cked; Cameron and Merkel vow to keep up Thatcher's great work!

Here's a headline that's guaranteed to set a hundred million sphincters into involuntary spasms;

"Cameron and Merkel call for urgent action to make EU flexible and competitive."

That's British PM David Cameron, the unctuous twat who truly believes Thatcher saved his country, and Angela Merkel, she of the "austerity enema" that has been setting the EU economy right for several years now.

Flexible and competitive. Indeed! Maggie could have written that headline herself. We all need to be flexible and competitive of course, because there's a less fortunate, more hungry person somewhere willing to do our job for less.

Posing for a photo-op at Merkel's Alpine retreat, the "Berghof," the leaders agreed that it is up to them to show "global leadership."

Be afraid...

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