Friday, April 19, 2013

Canada names PM's housekeeper next ambassador to Saudi Arabia

The PMO today announced that Maria Cristina Reyes will be Canada's next ambassador to Saudi Arabia. 

Reyes has been head of housekeeping at 24 Sussex drive since 2006. During her tenure she is credited for whipping the housekeeping staff into shape. 

"Under Reyes the housekeeping staff at the PM's residence became an elite unit," an anonymous staffer said, "they can hold their own with any housekeepers in the world and they often punch above their weight."

The PMO spokesman dismissed opposition claims that Reyes status as an undocumented Filipino disqualified her from taking a diplomatic post.

"The fact that Filipino housekeepers make up a substantial percentage of the Saudi population makes Maria uniquely qualified for this assignment, and we consider her a more than able candidate to represent Canada's interests in Saudi Arabia and the broader Arab world."

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