Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A few weeks ago I thought Ralph Nader was full of shit...

A few weeks ago Ralph Nader had a story at Counterpunch wherein he postulated that Donald Trump was about to upset the GOP applecart.

I read the story, shook my head, and mumbled to myself that Ralph is even more full of shit than usual.

A few weeks later, I'm dealing with this.

Ralph is righter than he's ever been!

There is only one reason I do not out-and-out despise Donald Trump, and that's because he has gone out of his way in his books to give some credit to the ironworkers and carpenters and the cement guys and all the other construction trades for making his shit happen.

The fact that a lot of his shit turned out to be just shit wasn't their fault.

But I am mightily impressed that Ralph was right.

Donald Trump is indeed upsetting the GOP applecart.

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