Thursday, July 2, 2015

Welcome to the Gig Economy

I see where Todd Hirsch over at ATB Financial has fired up his bong, given his crystal ball a good rub, and uncorked another pithy insight into the future of work, which you can see on page B2 of today's national newspaper of record.

We've complimented Todd in the past for being a glass-half-full kinda guy, but today he sets a new personal best for unwarranted optimism.

Real jobs with decent pay, security, and pensions... hey, millennials don't care about that shit! They're "less interested in accumulating physical assets," which is a good thing, because they're not going to be accumulating much of anything other than debts and eviction notices with their part-time minimum wage paycheques!

Which is hunky-dory with them, because they're like way more into a sharing vibe. That's why you'll find four or five of them sharing a one-bedroom apartment... it's got nothing to do with the private sector and the market's abject failure to provide affordable housing and living wages!

And it's a good news thing!

Stringing together a series of tasks or "gigs" makes interesting new demands on workers. Skills must constantly evolve...

Yup, today you may be peeling carrots. Tomorrow you could be learning how to wring out a mop!

And it's gonna be sayonara to Manic Mondays, because Monday's gonna be just another day of working long hours for shit wages, just like the other six days of the week!

But it's all good!

We're in the liminal space after all!

Well, TTFN... gotta head out for my Thursday afternoon gig at the car wash!

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