Friday, July 3, 2015

How US bullying is turning the world against America

It's not just the egregious bullying of a former child soldier.

The Americans are really throwing their weight around. In spite of all the Beltway squawking about Russian aggression, it's really hard to ignore who the real bully is on the world stage.

Compare US weapon spending to Russian weapon spending and you'll see what I mean.

But we're supposed to fear Russia? I think the Russians have good reason to fear the US.

The US does not confine its bullying to nation-to-nation conflicts. Nope, that "city on a hill" has it in for foreign banks as well... maybe just because those are deep pockets to pick.

And after all, since the big US banks are too big to fail, too big to nail, and their executives are too big to jail, the US goes after foreign banks instead.

Here's the story of a French banking house fined billions by the US justice system for breaking US sanctions on Iran.

It's a French bank, but apparently they are beholden to American law.

Because the US says so.

Chuffed by the success of that extortion exercise, the Americans have now gone on to demand 13 billions from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

America is for all practical purposes a failed state. The US has no hope in hell of ever paying off its national debt. It's in far worse shape than Greece.

But it does have an ace up its sleeve; the biggest most lavishly funded military apparatus in the world.

So fuck the Greeks, fuck the French, fuck everybody... America gets what it wants.

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