Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Steve's "tough on crime" agenda paying big dividends

Yup, Canadians are breathing way easier after the Harper gang has brought down crime for eleven years in a row.

The Harper-friendly SunPostMedia conglomerate is spreading this egregiously misleading story across all its many titles today.

Crime stats in Canada were trending down way before Big Steve got tough on crime. The key to Harper's war on crime has been to lock up more people longer for doing less stuff. The Harper gang is resolutely opposed to any measure that could reduce run of the mill common street crime that us old folks fear the most; like safe injection sites for drug addicts. Or decriminalizing marijuana.

After all, when we don't have to throw the doobie dealers and the pathetic addicts in the slammer anymore, we're gonna have nobody left to criminalize except Harper's various appointees to the Senate and the many high-level political offices Harper's shady allies find themselves in.

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