Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Harper gang still in Reefer Madness mode

I see where Rona Ambrose, minister for the department of Just Say No, has grabbed a couple million taxpayer dollars to hammer down the Harperite anti-drug message just in time for the fall election.

You gotta give the Harper dinosaurs credit for something; they keep tilting at the same windmills long after the times have passed them by.

And while I have to admire their tilting, I have to say I'm not impressed that all that tilting comes at the expense of the taxpayer. Taxpayers like you and me, who, "legal" marijuana be damned, are going to fire one up once in awhile whether we have one of those bogus prescriptions or not.

Rona is the Harper cabinet minister who went apoplectic recently over the Supreme Court decision to allow edible pot, as in if you had a legal pot script you were entitled to take your meds in a brownie instead of having to smoke them.

That Supreme Court decision pretty much frosted it for Rona.

Democracy is a dicey proposition in the hands of pot-heads.

So Rona is gonna use a few more millions of taxpayer dollars to try and convince you that she's right and the Supreme Court of Canada and the rest of the sentient world are wrong.

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