Saturday, July 11, 2015

Breastfeeding brouhaha threatens to sink new eatery before it gets off the ground

I see where the new Irish Cottage Kitchen and Alehouse down the road in Wiarton is attracting national attention.

Oddly enough, me and the Farm Manager had just been there a day or two before this travesty, and we had a very positive experience.  We definitely thought we'd try the Irish Cottage again.

So what a shock to see these folks in the headlines a few days later.

I wasn't there when this altercation occurred, so all I can say is the folks who run the place seemed totally laid back people who wouldn't dream of interfering with a breast-feeding mom.

If they had a bad reaction when some clientele caused a ruckus about a breast-feeding mom, they need to be cut some slack. They should have booted the complainers out; not the breast-feeding mom.

I think they've acknowledged as much.

They deserve another chance, and they DON'T deserve a trial by media.

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