Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Steve uncorks multi-billion candy scramble just in time for fall election

Yup, the Harper gang done found 3 billions to spread Tory cheer just a few months before a federal election. They've found the funds to spruce up the Universal Child Care Benefit to the tune of $3B, and in the nick of time!

After all, with a federal election mere months away, what better way to get voters all warm and fuzzy about the Harperites than to buy them off with their own money!

Proving once again how important it is to have a completely dysfunctional education system...

If that system did even a half-assed job of teaching the critical thinking they love talking about, cynical stunts like this would be called on the spot.

In fact, if we had a politically literate polity with even marginal critical thinking acumen, the people in power would never dare float out this kind of egregious nonsense in the first place.

Thank God for that education system!

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